Reflection Sample VOL 1 @makiibeats

✅ Original Artistic Work (No Re-Producing)
✅ Own 100% of your Beat Sales
✅ Royalty Free

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This Pack includes:~ WAV files compatible with any DAW~ 5 full length all original compositions~ labeled with key and bpm~ made with authentic analog emulation...
This Pack includes:

~ WAV files compatible with any DAW
~ 5 full length all original compositions
~ labeled with key and bpm
~ made with authentic analog emulation vst’s + live instrumentation
~ COMP & STEMS available
~ hassle free clearance


Licensing rights included:

  • Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc
  • 100% Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc
  • Placements with major artists must be cleared 


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Our team of producers are well experienced, their sound has proved itself Throughout their work with major artists.


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Sample packs are a great way to kick start a Beat, even high level music producers still buy kits but "Anonymously"..

The sample pack industry is a 20M$+ per year market at the end of the day and it's growning year after year.

We remain a closed, exclusive music organization in order to preserve the quality and vision of our premium kits.

However, we never said you could never join.

On our website, we have a section called "FREE DROPS" that is specifically for the free sample, drum, and preset kits that we promote on social media.

The majority of the free kits that we drop are limited to 100 or 200 copies.

We work just as hard on them as we do on premium packs, so it's our way of making them as exclusive as we can.

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